Our story

The Pohutukawa:

Parable Financial draws its strength from the Pohutukawa. This is a tree that somehow thrives in a harsh environment. It grows out the side of rocky places with little fresh water, where it’s lashed by the fiercest cyclone-force winds, rain and sea spray that the Pacific Ocean can throw at it. Literally facing straight into the storms of life, yet still, it thrives.

Strong branches are a place for all kids to climb and the family to find shade on a hot summer’s day. The roots, all gnarly and scarred from the numerous battles to survive and hold steady in the storms. Then once a year at Christmas, as if to spurn its harsh environment, it bursts forth a show of beauty in red and orange stamens that capture the eye and heart of all Bay of Plenty locals.


Your Story

Surviving life’s Storms?

Like the Pohutukawa, It’s our business to protect you and your family in life’s storms. Life and health can be brutal, and it’s a common risk we underestimate. A diagnosis of cancer, expensive medical treatment, loss of income through sickness or death of a partner can financially cripple your family and business.

All of a sudden you and your family are in one of life’s storms. So, it’s important to be aware of life’s health risks and plan to manage them, so you too can face life’s storms with certainty and not only survive but thrive.


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At Parable Financial, we have a process.

Keep it Simple. We try very hard to make what can be complex issues simple. Cutting through all the red tape and jargon to provide comprehensive advice saving you, your family and business time and money.

Keep it Smart. We have beautiful business systems. State of the art software that compares the best insurance companies so you get the best price and benefits. All our systems are cloud based, so wherever and whenever you need us we are here for you especially if it's an insurance claim.

Keep it Personal. We believe friendly, good service still matters in business. If you are flat out at work or at home with a new baby we don't mind coming to see you at your place of work or at home. Or if it's really urgent, let's do business over skype or the phone. Many of my client's are personal friends now and I hope we will be too.

Keep it Professional. We hold your most sacred issues of life with the highest of care and confidentially. We try to stay well ahead of the ever changing industry and regulatory environment and remain over qualified for what we do.

Keep it Price Competitive. Our pricing is equal or better value than anything you can find through an "online generic robo site". Furthermore, we believe that this robo “limited advice” given on only one or two benefits is not in the customer's best interest.

So, with Parable Financial you know you're getting the best value insurance together with "Simple, Smart, Personal, Professional and Full Advice" service that your family and business deserves.


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