Surviving Life’s Storms.

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The Pohutukawa:

Parable Financial draws its strength from the Pohutukawa. This is a tree that somehow thrives in a harsh environment. It grows out the side of rocky places with little fresh water, where it’s lashed by the fiercest cyclone-force winds, rain and sea spray that the Pacific Ocean can throw at it. Literally facing straight into the storms of life, yet still, it thrives.
Strong branches are a place for all kids to climb and the family to find shade on a hot summer’s day. The roots, all gnarly and scarred from the numerous battles to survive and hold steady in the storms. Then once a year at Christmas, as if to spurn its harsh environment, it bursts forth a show of beauty in red and orange stamens that capture the eye and heart of all Bay of Plenty locals.

Like the Pohutukawa, It’s our business to protect you and your family in life’s storms. Life and health can be brutal, and it’s a common risk we underestimate. A diagnosis of cancer, expensive medical treatment, loss of income through sickness or death of a partner can financially cripple your family and business.
All of a sudden you and your family are in one of life’s storms. So, it’s important to be aware of life’s health risks and plan to manage them, so you too can face life’s storms with certainty and not only survive but thrive.

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